Definite And Indefinite Articles

Definite And Indefinite Articles

(though there are a couple of ocean?) Thanks again. In the next sentence, I’m attempting to determine the instances of noun. If you are not sure, verify the dictionary on this web site.

when to use the

I feel like they need to go in opposition to rule #6. If the acronym is claimed as a word, like NATO, don’t use ‘the’ in front of it. Here are you’re speaking about one thing particular. There is only one zoo in your city or metropolis. The is used whenever you wish to speak about one thing specific.

With The Names Of Countries And Continents

Do not use the with titles when combined with names. Use the with the names of families, but not with the names of people. Use the with the names of motels & restaurants, unless these are named after an individual. Use the with the names of well-known buildings, artworks, museums, or monuments.

I need an example sentence earlier than I can let you know if the is utilized in front of tv. I have rewritten your message to make it simpler to understand. Please study the sentence construction, capitalization, & punctuation. I am going to the shiva ji temple to fulfill my good friend is that this sentence right or not ….please inform. In your phrase “fifth-day competition,” the ordinal number is a part of the adjective fifth-day describing the festival, so it has no article.

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